Missis_Maple394's Art Komisyon Sheet

Hello! My name is Missis Maple. I am a freelance / hobbyist illustrator based in the Philippines.
I create illustrations of original and fan art content.
My main pen names are: MSM, Missis_Maple394 and Miss Maple.
Background Artwork provided by Uki Atsuya.
A promotional drawing from the split single of
ryo(supercell) & Jin; "ODDS&ENDS / Sky of Beginning"

Contact me with my official links:

Digital Art Commission sheet

Author's emergency note:
None at this moment, hiatus.
Artist's commission work days:
● Every Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri ●
● 2PM~9PM [Afternoon & Evening] ●
● Day-off - Every Sat, Wed & Sun ●
● Philippine Time (PHT), UTC +8 ●

Opening slots until:


    Terms of Service

    Here is my Terms of Service (ToS) and my limitations to work with (Reminders; DO's & DON'Ts).

    ❁ General Terms ❁- All drawings will be made with Digital.
    - All drawings will include a small watermark that may not be removed or covered up.
    - Prices are subject to change based on the complexity the request.
    - The artist has the right to turn down requests.

    ❁ Payment ❁- New clients must pay their commissions in full. No other payment plans as well.
    - Payment is accepted through Paypal and set on USD currency.
    - Do not send your payment until your request for commission has been approved by the artist.
    - I will send it to your EMAIL via invoice, and the payment will be fully paid upfront, after we agreed discussing regarding my commissions to work for you.
    The artist will decline this offer to mint it in NFT.

    ❁ Refund / Cancellation Policy ❁- You are not allowed to ask for a refund once the artist begins working on commission.
    - You will receive a full refund if for any reason the artist is unable to start commission.
    - Do not request a PayPal chargeback if you are getting the refund. The artist will be one to transfer the money back.

    ❁ Usage Policy ❁- I hold all the copyrights to any artworks I made. The commission art is for personal uses only. (e.g. for art collection, photo galleries, printing yourself, wallpaper, decorating your web designs.)
    - You may repost my art with my social media credit link.
    - You cannot use the commissioned artwork to distribute for monetary profit.
    - Do not distribute my commissioned artwork to train an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Generated image to submit it with practical purposes.
    - Any form of advertisements or profits involved with Crytocurrency / NFTs is prohibited.

    ❁ Process and Delivery ❁- No deadlines set, but it may take 1-3 weeks to finish depending on the factors
    such as health, personal business, and/or other complexity commission work.
    - The artist will be sending screenshots of the progress throughout the commission for your review.
    - Once the artwork has been finished, you will receive a full resolution image & raw layers of .PSD / .CLIP version through email.

    ❁ Request for Private or Commercial use ❁
    - Coming soon

    Reminders (Do's & Don'ts)

    Please provide any visual references, either pre-existing or similar images.
    Visuals are greatly preferred over written.
    Upon reading all of my ToS / reminders, you may contact me and peek in my illustration orders.

    I can draw:(˶′◡‵˶)+ Original Characters.
    + Anime / Game characters from existing media.
    + Minimal Anthro / Furry (animal ears and tails only).
    + Minimal Background Props.

    Bonuses and Discount
    The maximum of two bonuses only.
    Please provide a commission artwork for a proof.
    - 12% - Requesting on specific interests of mine. (1)
    - 9% - Returning clients from previous commissions on my Major Illustrations. (2)
    - 7% - Returning clients from previous commissions on Profile-sized illustrations.
    - 5% - Returning clients from previous commissions on my Sketch illustrations.
    If you are a returning client with a previous sketch illustration(s) (5%) and requesting to draw my own character(s), simple design(s) or specific interest(s) (12%); you will receive 17% total of discount.
    Charging prices
    - The charging price will be 5~25% depending on complexity on design.
    - Make a decision first before you're willing to accept this order.
    (1.) My OCs & Favorite media franchise.
    (2.) Major illustrations applies to such as:
    Reference Sheets, Standard or Chibi styles.

    I cannot draw: (◞ ‸ ◟ㆀ)✘ NSFW Content (Nude models included)
    ✘ NSFL Content (Gore)
    ✘ Realism
    ✘ Offensive Materials
    ✘ Group characters of interactions
    ✘ Heavy / Complex designs:
    = Mechanical or Robotic parts
    = Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Medieval armors or patterns
    = Fully-designed Anthromorphic(s)
    = Old characters.

    Additional notes (Read below ⬇)✘ Heavy detailed background
    = Detailed work such as many items placed, cityscapes, wastelands, forests / grassfields, seas / oceans, rooms, houses etc.; The artist will not accept this background request.
    ✘ Heavy detailed concepts
    = The artist will refuse to take any complex concepts such as Fantasy / Sci-fi / Medieval (specifically DND / FF14 etc.)
    ✘ Request to draw real-life people.
    = Any celebrities, actual persons, influencers, etc. will not accept any of these due to uncomfortable subjects; regardless of my skills and art style to translate my work.

    General Commission Sheet

    Avatar / Profile Sized Illustration

    This section is for 3 stylized designs for a profile picture size.| TOONY - 40USD | CANDY - 43USD | COMICO - 45USD |+ Simple background shapes / patterns is free.



    This section is for 3-4 days of work with the sketch style of
    cleaned-up, fully colored artwork.
    ✪ Standard Price: 25USD+ Simple background shapes/patterns is free.
    Note: we can discuss about different coloring style so the prices may varied.
    The artist stated that any overly complex designs / background
    will NOT accept it.


    Standard Illustration

    | Half-body - 70USD | Full Body - 85USD |This section is for simple character design in portrait / landscape illustration.+ Additional BG work - Starting around 10~25USD.
    Note: we can discuss about different coloring style so the prices may varied.
    The artist stated that any overly complex designs / background
    will NOT accept it.


    Chibi / Super Deforme Illustration

    This is section for chibi character designs between
    portrait / landscape of full body size.
    ✪ Type A = Cel-Shade - 45USD
    ✪ Type B = TOONIZE - 55USD
    ✪ Type C = COMICO - 55USD (CLOSED)
    ✪ Type D = Soft-Render - 60USD (CLOSED)
    + Additional BG work - Starting around 7~15USD
    The artist stated that any overly complex designs / background
    will NOT accept it upon discussions.


    Character Reference Sheet (CLOSED)

    This section is for reference sheet of your character designs.| Full body + Front/Back - 160USD |
    + Additional Extras (Doodles, BG, etc.) - 20~35USD
    Artist's Note: Prices will be varied upon the extras.
    The reference sheets will be given minimal shading.
    The artist stated that any overly complex designs / background
    will NOT accept it upon discussions.


    Examples of my Illustrations

    Favorite media franchise selections

    These are my selections of my favorite media franchises, and it will recieve discount bonus.
    Note: all images were not used for monetization profit. Credited under the images on each pics.